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Rachel is an excellent cleaner who is very thorough in her cleaning.

I always look forward to her visits.

-Mrs E. Church Stretton.

I am very impressed and reassured with the professional way Cleanhome Shrewsbury have dealt with us.

A full explanation of the contract was provided and they keep in touch on a regular basis.

-Mrs J. Springfield, Shrewsbury.

The cleaner you sent was first class and friendly and professional.
I have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends.

-Mrs M. Battlefield, Shrewsbury.

Jane is an excellent cleaner and is a pleasure to have in the house.

Always cheerful, hard working and willing to do whatever is required.


-Mrs M. Bellevue, Shrewsbury.
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Are you ready for the 29th of March when the UK will leave the EU and start on a new chapter in its history?

Well, it’s time for your own Brexit.

Time to break free of those mundane weekly chores. Time to win back your freedom from the dreaded mop and vacuum cleaner. Time for a clean break. Time to claim back all that lost time cleaning your home.

B: Break free from the polish

R: Reclaim the sofa from the pet hairs

E: Evoke envy with all your friends for your spotlessly clean home

X: Xtract yourself from the drudgery of mopping

I: Imagine the feel good factor of coming home to no more cleaning chores

T: Think of what you can do with all your new found free time

How can this be possible you ask?

Simple, just call or email Cleanhome Shrewsbury and we will be able to provide you with a cleaner to meet all your needs.

Our cleaners are standing by ready to come to your aid and give you the home you deserve.

A cleanhome home

Don’t wait until the 29th of March to break free.┬áCall us now for a quote.


Bespoke Service

We are not happy until you are! Your cleaner will usually tailor their services to fit exactly with your requirements, including spring cleaning and ironing.

Peace of Mind

Only 1 in 50 applicants makes it on to our carefully screened database. We interview them twice, visit them in their own homes and take up at least two references. And if they still subsequently don't measure up to your standards, we will send you someone who does.

Personal Cleaner

We don't operate in teams, and therefore you get the same cleaner every week. This is good because you develop a relationship with your cleaner. We have some clients who have had the same cleaner for years and years - and that's what we want for you.